Drug Rehab in BOTHELL, WA

Fighting Drug Addiction in Bothell, Washington

Drug abuse is a widespread problem that seems to have no end in sight. Drugs are not only handed out at doctor offices across the country and on the street, there are also many different drugs that can be bought online. At Matthew’s Path in Bothell, Washington, our drug rehab center can help you or your loved one get the assistance they need if they are in the throes of addiction.

Drugs are Everywhere

Drug purchases may be made on the street, or legally, through a prescription pad. However, the internet has made drug use an even more frightful issue, as anyone can look to the web for the newest drugs. Many generic prescriptions are coming out of a variety of locations, and while they may not be the best quality, they are cheap and easy to buy -- which can also mean that they’re more dangerous. Recently, a drug known as Pink, or U-47700, has been blamed for numerous deaths across the United States. Pink is more than eight times stronger than heroin and can still be legally purchased in almost every state in the country. Unfortunately, with easy access to drugs and alcohol, more and more clients are finding themselves addicted before they know it. That is when our addiction recovery program in Bothell, Washington can help.

Let Us Give You the Help You Need

We know how hard it is to take the first step when you wish to get clean, and our substance abuse treatment facility is ready to help you every step of the way after you make that decision. After you check-in at Matthew’s Path, our caring staff will discuss your needs one-on-one so that we can develop a plan that will yield the best results for your specific problems. We will discuss the drugs you are either on or have taken, when the last time you used was, any previous attempts at recovery, and family history of drug abuse, if any.

Our addiction recovery center in Washington is well-known for providing a comprehensive plan of attack as we prepare you for a future without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Detoxification and Therapy Services

At Matthew’s Path, our caring drug rehab facility in Bothell, Washington, we offer supervised detox under the guidance of qualified professionals. We pride ourselves on being a drug detox clinic that gets our clients through the withdrawal process. Symptoms of withdrawal can include shaking, vomiting, restless leg syndrome, hot or cold sweats, sleeplessness, and more. In many instances, especially prolonged alcohol abuse, withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous or life-threatening. We will always provide supervised detox at our drug rehab facility for as long as it is necessary, providing our clients with comfort and peace of mind.

We provide dual diagnosis to applicable clients here at our Bothell, Washington addiction recovery facility, and always provide the services to address the issues we see. We also provide individual counseling for every client, as well as group counseling. We believe it is vastly important for all of our clients here in our addiction treatment center to speak openly and honestly about their experiences, needs and hopes for the future and we guarantee a safe place to do so in.

Life After our Addiction Treatment Facility

Addiction recovery is the first step, but all clients must continue to be vigilant concerning possible relapses. Before our clients leave we make sure they are set up with aftercare services that will continue to meet their needs and goals. This may include continued therapy with us or other support groups. We recommend attending a 12-step program on a regular basis to help keep yourself on track, as well.

With your determination and our facility, you can beat your drug addiction and lead a happy, productive life. Please contact Matthew’s Path in Bothell, Washington today to get started on your life-altering experience here with us.


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