Substance abuse is a very serious condition that requires professional treatment. Symptoms of substance abuse include irritability, sudden behavioral changes, depression, and withdrawal. Clients often experience difficulty maintaining personal relationships and might perform poorly at work. Matthew’s Path, our drug rehab facility in Beavercreek, Ohio, offers professional treatment for substance abuse. Our professional services include consultation, monitored detox, medication management, counseling, group therapy, and aftercare.

Professional Consultation

Our Beavercreek, Ohio drug rehab center provides professional consultation in a non-judgmental environment. Prospective clients can contact our substance abuse treatment facility on the phone or visit with a staff member in person to make a consultation appointment. It's important for clients to be completely honest during the consultation. People will be required to provide detailed information about what substances they take, how much they use certain drugs, and what causes them to use their desired substances. Clients might be asked questions about their health to determine the proper course of treatment. Staff members might also ask clients questions about their personal and professional life. It's also possible for clients to receive a psychic evaluation to determine the severity of their condition.

Monitored Detox

Monitored detox might seem scary to many people, but a substance abuse facility is the safest place to receive professional treatment for substance abuse. One of the first steps of addiction recovery is getting all unhealthy substances out of your body. Clients actually feel very safe in a monitored detox environment. This type of environment is restricted, which prevents clients from gaining access to dangerous substances. Monitored detox prevents clients from hurting themselves or someone else. Our professional environment is also equipped to respond to serious health issues that might occur the detox process. Our rehab facility makes clients feel as comfortable as possible during this essential step of the recovery process.

Professional Counseling

One of the most important steps of the recovery process is professional counseling. Our addiction treatment center has licensed counselors to assist clients throughout their recovery. Clients can begin to learn the reasons that trigger their substance abuse at our addiction treatment facility, as well. Professional counselors can teach clients how to replace negative behavioral patterns with more positive ones. Clients will learn how to deal with conflict in a positive way. Professional counselors can also work with friends and relatives to help clients recover from substance abuse.

Group Therapy

Many clients respond very well to group therapy. A drug detox clinic provides monitored group sessions to help clients progress in their recovery. Group therapy sessions are mediated by a mental health professional to ensure clients are benefiting from the experience. Group sessions are an excellent way for clients to motivate each other. Furthermore, in many instances, these group sessions provide the basis for a sober support network that lasts well after the client has left our addiction recovery facility.


Our addiction recovery program is closely monitored, but clients should be prepared to receive aftercare instructions when they leave Matthew’s Path. It might be necessary for some clients to make personal changes in their life such as avoiding certain people, moving, or changing jobs. Some clients will need to continue treatment for co-occurring conditions such as depression. Many clients are encouraged to continue professional counseling and group therapy.

Whether you are seeking addiction recovery for health reasons or a way to improve your personal life, our drug rehab facility in Beavercreek, Ohio offers many services to help clients achieve their goals. Clients should be prepared to receive consultation, supervised detox, and professional counseling. Contact Matthew’s Path in Beavercreek, Ohio today to take the first step towards recovery.


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