Drug Rehab in St. Louis Park, MN

Drug Rehab in St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Drug addiction is a problem that is continuously found in every county, city, and state across the United States. With access to both prescription and illegal drugs becoming easier than ever to get, more and more people are finding themselves fighting a battle against addiction every single day of their lives. Our addiction recovery center in St. Louis Park, Minnesota is here to help you, no matter what stage of addiction you may be at.

Drug Addiction - Disease or Choice?

Many people argue whether drug addiction is a disease or simply a bad choice that too many people make. They believe that anyone who is using drugs or alcohol can simply stop whenever they want to and simply choose not to do so. However, extensive research has shown that while the early stage may be due to choice, once the brain becomes changed by an addiction, the person loses control over their behavior, causing the addiction to become a disease.

At our drug rehab centers, we focus not only on the addiction of the individual, we also treat the underlying issues that may be the root of the problem. This approach is known as dual diagnosis and is an important part of any addiction recovery method. Understanding what causes the individual to choose drugs is the first step to treating the addiction itself. For example, many of our clients suffer from mental disorders such as PTSD, bipolar, and depression. They may be turning to alcohol and drugs to dull their pain or ease their anxiety. We treat everything at our substance abuse treatment facility, not just the drug problem.

Our Drug Rehab Facility Process

We take into consideration the fact that our clients want privacy during their stay with us. We can promise exceptional care in a safe and confidential facility for everyone who comes through our doors. To begin with, we will take you step-by-step through the intake portion of the program. This is an important stage that requires you to be completely honest with us about your current and past drug use. Please don’t hesitate to tell us everything we need to know. We do not judge and we will never withhold care because of past actions. Understanding your drug use is crucial for us, as it allows our staff to put together the appropriate plan of action for your needs. We will also ask about your family medical history, as well as any family history of drug abuse.

Detox Within the Program

Our addiction recovery program offers a top-notch detoxification program for everyone who needs this type of treatment. No one should go through the process of withdrawal alone, and we will always make sure your detox is closely monitored. The staff at our addiction recovery facility are well-informed on the physical and emotional problems that can accompany withdrawal from certain drugs and alcohol, and will make sure you get the right treatment for your needs.

Additional Therapy and Services

We will work with you to make sure that you have the tools and knowledge to succeed out on your own when you come through our addiction treatment center. We offer many different types of therapy here that allow you to talk one-on-one with a counselor or in a group setting. We also offer many aftercare services that will help you stay on the right path, even when you leave out addiction treatment facility.

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