Drug Rehab in BOSTON, MA

Drug addiction can have devastating effects on the life of an individual. In most cases, the people closest to a person struggling with substance use disorder suffer the most. The pain of watching a person you care for deeply losing control of his/her life unbearable, which is why we should do whatever it takes to ensure that they get the help they need. One of the most effective ways, or in some instances the only way, you can help a person with substance use disorder is to convince them to go to a substance abuse treatment facility. At Matthew’s Path, our addiction treatment center in Boston, Massachusetts, we use a variety of treatment approaches to provide just the right environment for addiction recovery and help our clients regain control of their lives.

Our addiction recovery program entails the following:

The Entire Rehabilitation Process

Rehabilitation is a process. All our drug rehab centers are properly equipped and adequately staffed to ensure that our clients get the attention they need to make a full recovery. Our rehabilitation program includes the following steps:


Drugs and alcohol contain chemical compounds. When we use drugs or drink alcohol, these compounds get into our bodies and blood stream, and eventually they travel to the brain and cause intoxication. Detoxification is the process of removing all the traces of these substances from the system. It is the first step in the rehabilitation process and a very crucial one. Our addiction recovery facility in Boston, Massachusetts has a functioning drug detox clinic, fully equipped and supervised by qualified professionals.

The purpose of a detox program in an addiction treatment facility is to ensure that the client is not reliant on any substances by the end of the program. Having qualified professionals supervise the detoxification process eliminates associated risks and keeps withdrawal effects at bay. If not properly monitored, the detoxification process can negatively impact the health of an individual. Our focus is to provide safe, high-quality care to each one of our clients.

Addiction Treatment Therapy

Our Boston, Massachusetts addiction recovery center provides addiction treatment therapies based on client’s substance abuse pattern and health. Relevant therapy sessions are facilitated by our counselors, and they include cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, and holistic therapy, among other varieties of treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is used to treat co-occurring disorders. In some cases, alcohol or drug addiction is accompanied by underlying mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, OCD, depression, schizophrenia, or other untreated psychiatric conditions. Our rehab facilities have qualified professionals who will diagnose and treat clients with co-occurring substance use and mental disorders. This helps prevent relapse by addressing psychological triggers such as depression.

Addiction Support Groups

At Matthew’s Path, our drug rehab facility in Boston, Massachusetts, we foster a community of individuals offering encouragement and accountability through the rehabilitation process. This community plays a major role in ensuring that our clients maintain sobriety even after treatment, which facilitates effective delivery of aftercare services. Besides that, these groups provide our clients with an audience that can relate to their experiences. This way, a client has a safe and comfortable environment where they can express themselves honestly without fear of judgment. Honesty plays an instrumental role in the recovery of an individual. Being honest shows that the client is ready to walk away from his/her ineffective strategies of coping that brought them here in the first place. Building strong support groups is a key part of our addiction recovery program.

Personalized Treatment

Rehabilitation involves the application of various treatment approaches designed to help a person struggling with drug addiction to safely drop the habit and lead a healthy life. At our Boston, Massachusetts addiction treatment facility, we understand the each case is unique and thus focus on the delivery of individualized treatment approaches to cater for the client’s personal needs.


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