Drug Rehab in GURNEE, IL

Gurnee Addiction Recovery Facility

Matthew’s Path, our drug rehab facility, is one of the most recognized substance abuse treatment facilities near Gurnee, Illinois. The main concept we use for treatment is combining the most reliable and efficient therapies available. This includes, but is not limited to, relapse prevention techniques as well as mindfulness and fitness activities. We provide short and long-term treatment packages depending on our clients’ needs. We do not offer standard treatment programs but rather customize them to suit the needs of each client.

We also conduct a dual diagnosis screening for clients who struggle with substance addiction and mental disorder. People suffering from depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, or anxiety disorders may be at higher risk for abusing alcohol or drugs. We design treatment plans for these clients who struggle with a co-occurring mental health disorder in our substance abuse treatment facility. As we conduct the rehabilitation, we always encourage our clients to speak honestly. This helps us to know how we will customize their treatment and see them recover soonest possible.

Our world class services are offered in an exclusive but friendly environment in the addiction recovery center. There is a community within the rehab, so clients help each other. This acts as their extended support group. All of the rooms at Matthew’s Path are spacious and clean.

Since your health is our priority, we always do everything to ensure that you enjoy your stay as you recover. The addiction recovery facility has a swimming pool, gym facilities, and a beautiful garden. There are other off-site fun activities our customers can access too. Our addiction treatment center is the ideal place for your recovery process to start because it is safe and comfortable.

Our admission process is very simple. We recommend that you contact us now and inform us about your struggles and problems. We will then arrange a clinical assessment at the addiction treatment facility and then work out a suitable time frame for the rehabilitation and the admission date.

Basics of alcohol and drug rehabilitation

Although drug and alcohol rehabilitation is usually based on the needs of each client, we still utilize some processes that are common for most recovery journeys.


All rehabilitation processes begin with an evaluation. Our medical staff will screen you to get to know your personal needs, health state, and addiction levels. Assessment is conducted through multiple physical exams, mental health assessment, drug tests, and psychological screening. Once they know the nature of your problem, the treatment providers will tailor an addiction recovery program that will fit your requirements.


Some abused substances go easier on the body than others, while some will result in harsh withdrawal symptoms while leaving the system. Most of the chronic and long-term addicts, as well as alcoholics, will need supervision at the drug detox clinic. In this stage, our qualified professionals will monitor your progress 24/7, and ensure that the detox is comfortable.

Behavioral and psychotherapy treatment

The rehabilitation process in this phase is considered to be the climax of the program. Professional counselors get to assist you to establish the foundation for future sobriety. The causes of addiction are addressed because they are responsible for your emotional and mental conditions. After they identify the causes of the problem, our team of therapists will help you to adapt to new thoughts, behaviors, and patterns so as to change outcomes.


Just because you are through with your program at the rehab clinic doesn’t mean that the treatment process is over. Addiction recovery isn’t instant! You are bound to face challenges as you try to resist triggers and cravings to use the substance. After rehabilitation, we do follow-up programs, support group meetings, and continued therapy.

We are here to help you during this challenging time in your life. Do not hesitate to talk to us if you need more information about our services. At Matthew’s Path in Gurnee, Illinois, we’re waiting to provide you with the tools you need.


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