Drug Rehab in BOCA RATON, FL

Addiction has a long lasting and powerful influence on the brain. There are three ways to determine if an addiction has taken hold:

  • craving for the substance of addiction
  • loss of control over use of the substance
  • continuing to take the substance despite adverse and harmful consequences

Addiction is a treatable condition. Two of the most effective forms of addiction recovery offered at drug rehab centers are inpatient and outpatient rehab.

Standard Treatment Structure

Most treatment programs in drug rehab centers follow similar procedures. It starts with a supervised detoxification and continuing with ongoing counseling and therapies.

Detoxification in a Drug Detox Clinic

A monitored detox is the initial step in many treatment programs. A detoxification is performed to make sure the client’s withdrawal symptoms are controlled. All illicit substances are weaned from the body carefully as safely, efficiently, and comfortably as possible.

Inpatient Rehab at a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility

Inpatient rehab at Matthew’s Path and our addiction treatment facility in Boca Raton, Florida is an intensive, residential treatment program. The client is monitored 24/7. Inpatient treatment is designed to help people overcome serious and long-term addictions.

Outpatient Rehab at a Drug Rehab Facility

Outpatient rehab is a part-time program. Flexible scheduling allows individuals to continue going to work or school during the day. Outpatient rehab makes it easier to meet family commitments and other obligations.

Life after an Addiction Recovery Center

Ongoing therapies will continue as the result of your customized treatment plan to help recovering clients continue on the sober path. Recovery is a lifelong process that needs continued support. Clients attend ongoing treatment sessions for support and accountability.

Matthew’s Path: Addiction Recovery Facility in Boca Raton, Florida

At Matthew’s Path, we provide treatment for all the stages of recovery necessary at our Boca Raton addiction treatment center.

The stages of our recovery program are:

  • Detoxification – The removal of all harmful chemicals that keep you dependent from the body.
  • Rehabilitation – Counseling sessions, intensive therapies, and dual diagnosis mental health treatment are provided.
  • Aftercare– Clients transition into independent living away from the substance abuse treatment facility while continuing therapies and counseling.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Matthew’s Path

Individuals with a dual diagnosis have both a mental health issue and a substance use disorder. This is also known as comorbid or co-occurring disorders. A treatment plan is needed that addresses all disorders at the same time.

A mental health disorder can be anything from a mild case of depression to more serious mental illness such as schizophrenia. There are about 23 million Americans who have an addiction. Nearly 14 million also have a form of mental illness, either caused by or leading to substance abuse.

Matthew’s Path does our best to understand the unique circumstances of each client. We provide tailored treatment according to each person needs. Our Boca Raton rehab conducts a comprehensive assessment to reveal the disorders that need treatment. From this, an integrated addiction recovery program is developed. Our dual diagnosis program treats substance abuse and any co-occurring disorders simultaneously.

Take the First toward Recovery Today

Not sure where to start? Contact Matthew’s Path today, and we’ll help you get started. From the time you walk through our doors until long after you’ve completed your inpatient or outpatient treatment, our staff is with you.

Our goal is to get you healthy in mind, body and spirit. You’ll get the help you need for more than your addiction. We'll help restore you to a person who isn't suffering from substance abuse, but instead is living a sober, healthy and rewarding life.


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