Drug Rehab in CHESHIRE, CT

When you start investigating drug rehab centers, you quickly come to realize that there are many different factors to take into consideration. You need to think about the size of the facility, the staff, and the treatment methods they use. You need to look into all their policies and what kind of aftercare they provide. Most of all, you need to find an addiction treatment center that feels right for you. Check out Matthew’s Path, our inviting addiction recovery center in Cheshire, Connecticut, where we provide the highest level of care for our clients.

Detox You Can Trust

If you have ever tried to stop using drugs on your own, you know that it is nearly an impossible task. Going through withdrawal on your own is a pretty miserable experience, and that is why most people give up and start using again. When you enter our Cheshire, Connecticut drug detox clinic, you will find yourself in a safe place where you will be closely monitored as your body detoxes from the drugs. Going through managed detox like this is the safe, smart way to get off drugs.

Find Your Ideal Path to Recovery

We think that addiction recovery is a very individual experience for each one of our clients. With that in mind, we take the time to create an individualized treatment plan for every person who walks through our doors. We will evaluate you thoroughly when you first enter our substance abuse treatment facility in Cheshire, Connecticut. With a comprehensive evaluation, we can design a treatment plan that is best suited to efficiently guide you on the road to recovery.

Mental Health as Part of a Dual Diagnosis Approach

At Matthew’s Path, our addiction recovery facility in Cheshire, Connecticut, we recognize that mental health evaluation and treatment is an essential part of addiction treatment. Mental health problems need to be treated if clients are going to get sober and stay that way in the future. Therefore, we evaluate all of our clients’ mental health when they arrive to determine if they need mental health treatment to help ensure a successful recovery.

Safety First

You need to feel safe if you want to make the challenging journey to recovery. We will do everything we can to make sure you always feel secure inside our addiction treatment facility in Cheshire, Connecticut. We can always modify the program or environment to help you relax and understand that you are always safe when you are with us.

Group Therapy Is Crucial

As anyone familiar with addiction recovery is aware of, group therapy is among the greatest assets in the battle to defeat addiction. Group therapy is the best form of education for clients who need to learn to understand every facet of drug addiction. The stories you tell and hear inside your group sessions at our Cheshire, Connecticut drug rehab facility are priceless. With every story, you will be one step closer to better understanding your own struggles.

Aftercare for Continued Success in the Recovery Journey

Entering an addiction recovery program is always a little scary, but you may be surprised that it is often even scarier to leave a drug rehab facility. When you leave a structured environment for one where there are no limitations, it is far too easy to fall victim to temptation. That is why we provide the clients at our Cheshire, Connecticut addiction treatment center with the very best aftercare programs. With the help of aftercare treatment, you can successfully make the transition to recovery.

If you want to understand how delightful the sober lifestyle can be, come witness the magic we work at our addiction treatment facility in Cheshire, Connecticut. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will feel at home. Our staff is wonderful. They work hard to ensure that our clients receive every component necessary to reach success in our addiction recovery program.


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