Drug Rehab in FULLERTON, CA

When was the last time you really honestly believed in yourself? What happened to that belief? Has it been trampled down by the pain of drug or alcohol addiction? You've probably been wondering how much more of this you can take. Ask yourself when your body might give out or when your loved ones might give up hope. You realize how much is at stake right now, but you just can't seem to figure out how to overcome this trap of addiction. But what if there was a way to not only get sober but to heal and recover? There is a way, and it's found in Matthew’s Path drug rehab centers. Addiction recovery is the best thing you can do for yourself, but you have probably already learned that it is nearly impossible to do it alone.

Our drug detox clinic in beautiful Fullerton, California will start you out with supervised detox. As harsh as this may sound, it is supervised so you can safely cleanse your body of the toxins that keep you physically dependent. Your body needs to start with a clean slate, and this is the best way for that to get done. You will have a clear mind and body when you continue the other steps of our Fullerton addiction recovery program.

The next step is to see if you have a dual diagnosis. This just means you have been diagnosed with two separate conditions, one being addiction to drugs or alcohol, and the other being a mental illness such as bipolar disorder or depression. One will exacerbate the other, which is common, and they need to be treated simultaneously for the best chances of recovery. In our Fullerton addiction recovery facility, we specialize in treating them together so that you are able to work on your recovery and learn to manage your mental illness. A mental health issue is not the end of your life, and if properly managed with the help of experts, you will be able to live a normal, happy life.

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Fullerton has an amazing community that will be of great support to you. This is so important because you cannot do this without a network of support. And you shouldn't have to! We are home to positive people who want to influence your life for the better and encourage you to keep going even when times get tough. These clients and employees will be your greatest support system.

We cultivate extended support groups for clients in Matthew’s Path addiction treatment facility. These groups will teach you how to listen and how to speak up about your experiences. You will learn that it is okay to not be perfect, and it's okay to be open and honest about where you have been in life. In fact, being honest about your experiences is the only real way to emotional healing. With this positive community, you never have to worry about feeling ashamed or judged. We all understand what you are going through.

While staying in our Fullerton addiction treatment center, we will take our time to get to know the real you. This is so we can mold a specific individualized treatment plan for you. You have a greater chance at success in your recovery when the plan is personalized to your unique story and personality. We celebrate you as an individual here at our drug rehab facility in Fullerton, California.

An addiction recovery center is not a cure for your addiction. It cannot force you to choose your path in life. What it will do is help you gain sobriety then give you the tools, support, and skills to remain sober once you are back out in the real world. We cannot make this decision for you, but we can encourage you to choose your health, your future, your happiness. We can promise you that things will only spiral downward while you are entrenched in addiction. Take back your life, call us today.


Fullerton, CA