Drug Rehab in Columbus, OH

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The number of people who are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol is on the rise every day. Unfortunately, the drugs available to the general public are on the rise right along with them. It’s easier and cheaper than ever to get your hands on both legal and illicit drugs. Even internet websites sell dangerous drugs that are not carefully monitored by the DEA. If you need rehabilitation, Matthew’s Path drug rehab center in Columbus, Ohio are here to help you find your way.

The First Step- Intake and Insurance

We employ professional caregivers, licensed therapists, and addiction experts at our substance abuse treatment facility in Columbus. Our addiction professionals want to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors is taken care of to the best of our ability. We will sit down with you and discuss your individual needs right away. Please don’t worry about confidentiality or being judged! We are here to help you, quietly and discreetly. At our drug rehab center in Columbus, we care about your quality of life and will do everything possible to make it the highest we can.

Knowing about your past drug abuse history is a crucial part of the recovery process in our addiction recovery centers. Understanding what you have been using, and for how long, will allow us to devise a plan to put you on a clean, sober path. We will also ask you to divulge any family history of addiction, as often addiction can is tied in some way to genes. This will also be the point where we will discuss financial arrangements. We are a caring addiction recovery facility and will work with you to make sure your stay is comfortable and secure.

Dual Diagnosis- What is it? And Why it is Important?

Our therapists in our Columbus addiction treatment center work with clients not just on their addiction problems but with the underlying mental or mood disorders that are related to the addiction. For example, we see many clients who suffer from manic depression and turn to prescription pills to numb their pain or former veterans who suffer from PTSD and have lost themselves in the bottle. Dual diagnosis allows our therapists to examine the root of the addiction and help clients come up with strategies for dealing with their overall mental health issues, along with their addictions. Addiction recovery services in our facility will always target your problems as a whole so that you can better yourself and move on to your new life as quickly as possible.

Detox and Treatment Plans

Our addiction treatment facility in Columbus offers supervised detox services to any client of ours who are in active withdrawal. Our clientele have had varying shades of withdrawal symptoms, from simply uncomfortable to flu-like symptoms to dangerous reactions. These circumstances will forge the need for supervision, which we always provide at Matthew’s Path drug detox clinics.

We also offer many different therapy options through our addiction recovery program in Columbus. While we always talk one-on-one to every client, we cannot stress the importance of group therapy enough. Our therapists will provide the setting--you lead the way. Group therapy allows our clients to speak with others who have similar experiences with their addictions in a safe and comfortable setting. People at our drug rehab facility will get support and feedback from their peers on their feelings and problems in a setting that is both engaging and supportive.

After Your Stay with Us

Support for your addiction will not end when your stay with us does. We offer aftercare services for all of our clients in order to encourage your sobriety beyond the walls. This support may be in the form of additional counseling or off-site support groups. Your counselor will discuss your individual needs before you leave and come up with a plan that works the best for you and your situation.


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